Valsabor is more than just a trademark, it is a way of life that promotes the values of gastronomic heritage and the bringing together of cultures. As a result of the hectic and busy lifestyle that so many of us lead in this day an age we often deny ourselves the time to enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures, food. Valsabor believes in enjoying a meal and savouring the authentic flavour of quality food products. These products are the fruits of years, and often generations, of experience, tradition and know-how on the part of our specially chosen producers.  This is the world of Valsabor, a place where different perceptions come into contact, but are united by a love of age-old recipes and quality food products.
To achieve this, our products come from small companies with history, experience and local producers to establish an excellent and unique connection “from local to local.”

The products
The origins